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Still life of luscious conkers. The difference in textures is remarkable; the shiny perfect brown skin of the conker contrasting with the softer yellow tinged interior. 

Signed Eric Cederberg (1897-1985)

Cederberg is known for his sweeping landscapes and his still life works of apples and pears, and conkers. He is becoming increasingly sought after; we have several of his works in stock at the moment so please email me if you would like further details.

Oil on board in a silver frame frame.

Frame: 25 x 46 centimetres / 18 x 10 inches. 


I only buy works that I like and would happily live with; most of what I sell is vintage and decorative and will therefore show some marks of time. For me that is part of the charm but please make sure you have examined the photos carefully and are fully aware of any imperfections!

I buy art for you to live with and love. Some will be by named artists but much of the art I sell is by unknown artists. where I do know who it's by I will tell you what I know.

I carry a few contemporary works but do not represent any artists.


I try to keep the original frames, firstly for environmental reasons and secondly, as people have such different ideas on framing.  Some frames will therefore be a bit imperfect but if there is anything major I will always draw your attention to it.  The price of the artwork you are buying is solely the picture itself: I include the frames as an extra at no charge.  There are a huge number of wonderful framers around but if you need help I can always help you find someone.


UK Shipping -

Up to 5kg - £20

Up to 10kg - £25

Artwork will be posted once a week to reduce courier emissions.

We ship art internationally, please email for a quote and we can arrange payment and reserve the art for you.

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