Second Hand September

Why buy vintage art in Second Hand September? Well, there are plenty of reasons.  Buying vintage art will add character to your home and bring you pleasure every day.

Vintage art tells stories, evokes emotions, and takes you to a different time. When you hang a vintage painting on your wall you invite a piece of the past into your home.

It can be wonderfully evocative and comforting. Whether it reminds you of your childhood, your grandparents' home or a holiday in a place you love, that sense of nostalgia can be heart warming and reassuring.

Vintage art is affordable. Contemporary art can often be very expensive; vintage art on the other hand, is often a fraction of the cost, so you can find something you love without breaking the bank.

And it works with so many different interior design styles. Whether you're into mid-century modern, boho-chic, country house style or industrial aesthetics there's a vintage piece for you. In addition, it's sustainable and eco-friendly; repurposing and appreciating something from the past gives it a new lease of life.

So there are some great reasons to buy vintage in Second Hand September but the bottom line is buy a painting for whatever reason you like! It matches your carpet or your eyes, it reminds you of someone or something you love or, just because it makes your heart sing and your tummy flutter.  So don't hesitate too long if you've spotted something you love; someone else may feel that way too and you'll miss your chance!