Pink City Prints Interview

Julia was recently featured in Pink City Prints 'Stories'.  To read the full feature please click here, here is an excerpt:

Your house is beautiful and we love that almost every wall is covered in paintings and pictures! What first sparked your love for art?

We spent a lot of time as children going round galleries in France in the school holidays and I think that's where it all started. I spent a year in France as a student and was enrolled at the Ecole du Louvre which was a wonderful experience. I had quite a pressurised job after university and quiet weekends spent wandering round galleries were a real stress reliever.

You have a great eye for hidden gems and finding unique pieces. Do you think you can learn good taste or is it something innate?

This is a really tricky question and I am not sure I know the answer! Taste is completely subjective and individual. I only ever buy things that I would happily live with myself; it’s important to buy art that you like and that will work in your own environment.


What suggestions do you have for bringing a new lease of life into an old piece of artwork or furniture?

I try to keep things in the original frames. Most vintage art is still in the frame that the artist may have chosen at the time and I think it generally works better than a new contemporary frame. Also it's so much better for the environment; vintage art is by its very nature recycled; and we recycle all our packaging.