Winter Warmth

Happy New Year. It really is winter here in London and I certainly feel the need to add a bit of winter cosiness and get rid of that January back to school feeling.  It is very cold and it just seems to be continually raining so here are a few things that might help warm up your home if you feel the same way, including some light and heat filled summery vintage paintings!

Lighting is an easy place to start; lots of different lamps and light, with lovely shades placed at different heights around your room make a huge difference.  Change any horrid white light bulbs for nice warm ones and think about some new lampshades. There are some really lovely ones around. Some of my favourites are the gathered textile ones from Cameron and Miles.

I also love Sarah Vanrenen's pleated sari shades and her very glamorous hand painted tortoiseshell shades which have a wonderful gold lining to make everything glow.If your electricity sockets are in the wrong place have a look at Rosi de Ruig's very elegant cordless lamps, perfect for a bookshelf or ottoman.


Next on the cosiness list are a few lovely blankets and quilts; at home everyone loves to cosy up in their own rug although we can share on a good day! I have a great pile of them, including very warm Moroccan handwoven blankets from Molly Hogg Textiles, @mollyhogg_textiles and some lovely kanthas from Chloe Jonason.  I've got my eye on some lovely super cosy sheepskins too;  Howe Farm (who pop up with The Curated Store in Stow on the Wold) have some fabulous ones. You could add some nice plump cushions too for that extra bit of luxury. Lamp London always have some great ones; just look at this stripey orange beauty from Amuse-la-Bouche.

I am not going to tell you to change your curtains although it's lovely if you can! I know people do, but it presupposes you have the time and the money, and the space to store them when they are down. An easier and cheaper alternative is to buy some plain white, rather old fashioned, and therefore cheap, blankets on EBay  which you can attach to the back of your curtains for the next few months. You can easily find curtain clips online and attaching them is quick and easy. It will make a big difference I promise! You could do the same with a lovely kantha too.

Next light the fire; mine is an old gas one so it doesn't give out much heat but it is an instant atmosphere changer. If you can't light a fire you could think about a standalone bio-ethanol fire but they are very expensive. Much more affordable and surprisingly effective is Netflix. My lovely friend @aconsideredspace told me about this. I have to admit to being a little skeptical but it really works; a lovely flickering fire on your television screen is really mood enhancing.

Then lovely scented candles which are absolutely not, just for best. My favourite is C.Atherley's geranium scented one; the scent and the light they cast are calming and cosy. 

I always have dinner candles burning on the kitchen table; again they add warmth and a touch of glamour....for very little cost and they make a dark morning so much easier. I've been buying them in lots of wonderful colours from Lamp London; they burn for ages and are so cheerful.

Finally hang lots of decorative and affordable vintage art! I love having things which remind me of the summer months on my walls: it's a source of instant joy throughout the winter. We always try to have some summer time vibe paintings on the website although they do tend to sell quite quickly. Here are a couple of my favourites at the moment but have a quick look for yourself! Click on the images to find out more.

And there you are......hopefully curled up and cosy in a lovely warm room. Happy New Year and have a lovely weekend.